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Robyn has always been involved in theatre and film, directing her first theatre production at the age of 16. Her love of directing and film-making encouraged her to gain the experience and knowledge she has today through the Assistant Directing route. For the past 12 years she has worked on a wide variety of award winning productions including This Is England 86, The Crimson Petal and The White, Black Mirror and Hank Zipzer. She has been a BAFTA crew member for the past  3 years.

Most recently she has directed a successful Super 8 short film Stay With Me as part of the Straight 8 film competition. It was selected to be screened in London and most recently at Corvallis Queer Film festival, Seattle.

Robyn’s love of celluloid, the theatre and traditional film-making is what makes her films beautiful, raw and cinematic. Working as a female 1st AD has not been easy in the male dominated department. Robyn has worked hard to get to this stage in her career and Late is just the beginning.



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